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We provide interior and exterior auto detailing, ceramic coating, and PPF services throughout Lake Country (Delafield, Oconomowoc, Dousman, Hartland, Nashotah, Merton, Pewaukee, and Milwaukee Metro). Call or text 414-331-7662 today.

Ceramic Coating

At Dent Spa of Oconomowoc, WI, we are System X certified ceramic coating installers. A ceramic coating is your vehicle’s first line of defense from the elements and harsh chemicals used on the roads. Not only does it help to protect your vehicle’s paint, but it also adds gloss and clarity, making it extremely easy to keep clean. Ceramic coatings utilize Nanotechnology, which are small particles that seal all the pores on a vehicle’s surface, making it hydrophobic (water-repellent), but also resistant to UV, minor scratches, chemicals, extreme heat, and even anti-graffiti. This 9H ceramic layer is completely transparent.


Paint Protection


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Long Lasting Protection


Showroom Look

Maximum protection, Maximum durability

System X Max™ is a first-of-its-kind ceramic technology more durable and environmentally resistant than ever before. Max™ features a stronger, tougher shell up to four times thicker, 2x stronger, and 2x more durable than previous coatings. Max’s increased strength makes it more resistant to harmful water spotting.

This highly advanced coating is still super slick and extremely glossy. Combined, System X Max™ is perfect for trucks, Powersports, Rvs, aviation, fleet vehicles, and more!

System X Max

Paint Protection Film

Paint Protection Film (PPF) is a superior form of protection for your car that can help preserve the factory finish or new paint job for years. Film is applied to the car panels to ensure every inch of the vehicle is covered. This layer helps shield your car from the elements including UV rays, rock chips, bird droppings, salt, and road debris.

Auto Detailing

We know you love your car and want to keep it looking great. At Dent Spa Hail and Dent Removal of Oconomowoc, WI, we offer fill automotive detailing and scratch removal services for all types of vehicles. Serving all of Lake Country, we are the professionals to call for top quality detailing at reasonable prices. We offer interior and exterior detailing packages that will have your vehicle looking new in no time. Our team has mastered the art of cleaning, correcting, and protecting the inside and outside of your vehicle like no other.
Interior Detailing Oconomowoc WI

Interior Auto Detailing

Our interior detail is a through deep clean of your vehicle’s interior including steam cleaning/extraction of carpets, seats, and floor mats, as well as console, cup holders, storage compartments, dash, steering wheel, screens and instrument panels.
Exterior Detailing Oconomowoc WI

Exterior Auto Detailing

Your vehicle’s exterior goes through a lot of extreme weather and harsh elements such as dirt, debris, gravel, road salt, bug guts, and more. We’ll hand wash your vehicle until it shines and keep it looking better for longer with our exterior detailing solutions.

Full Service Automotive Detailing

Extend the life of your vehicle and maintain its maximum resale value with our interior and exterior detailing services from Dent Spa. Not only does auto detailing preserve your vehicle’s paint and upholstery, but its overall appearance and comfort is enhanced. Contact us today to get started!


Exterior Wash & Wax


Interior Seat Shampooing




Tire Shine


Interior Vacuuming

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